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Pandov Chess Set, a Sculptural Work of Art by Lucian Popescu.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Pandov Chess by Lucian Popescu

The Pandov Chess by Lucian Popescu is a unique sculptural chess set full of symbolism.

Inspired by the dynamics of the game and its abundance of different tactics and strategies Lucian Popescu created tiny sculptures that incarnate the underlying forces of chess. The game of chess involves a patterned push and pull of decisions and plays on the checkered board. The Pandov Chess Set expresses this tension in a dynamic way though the sculptural treatment of the contemporary pieces. The white army embodies a feeling of lightness, their slender forms wear flaring robes, while their expressions are calm and determined. Their dark opponents remain top-heavy and maintain a more aggressive stance and expression. While the white pieces lift, the black ones sink. There is a beautiful challenging balance that occurs physically between the rival armies of the Pandov Chess Set that elegantly expresses the nature of the logic game.

This magnificent sculptural chess set is made on order using 3D printing techniques. Lucian Popescu’s 3D-printed figurines come to resemble both human and inanimate forms with distinctive silhouettes on either side and are full of meaningful details. The white pieces look soft and fluid, evident by their round shaped jaw, the black pieces on the other hand have pointy jaws, which makes darker and hostile. The white pieces are shaped with an upwards curve, communicating a sense of majesty and grace, while the dark pieces are designed closer to the ground to illustrate a more fearful, or evil, side to the game.

Due to the flexible manufacturing process one can order the Pandov Chess in many materials and finishes, ranging from flexible plastic to polished steel enrobed in 24k gold, it all depends on your taste and budget. The Pandov Chess is available here.

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José Tomás García 05/02/2023 - 13:30

Hay alguna posibilidad de adquirir el ajedrez Pandov.


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