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Papertrophy | Precut Paper Sculptures for your Home.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Papertrophy Precut Paper Sculptures for your Home

Papertrophy is a wonderful colorful collection of pre-cut paper sculptures by Holger Hoffman , that you can paint, fold and assemble yourself.

Drawing inspiration from “animal trophies”, the designer suggests that we don’t need to be killing animals for trophies, and instead invites you to build your own polygonal menagerie with these colorful pre-cut, pre-creased paper animal sculptures

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The Design


The complex yet simple polygon structure reflects the modern design-approach. The Papertrophy animals feature a minimalistic cubic design. It reflects simplicity while offering an astonishing look through shadows and light on the trophies. Their bright and vibrant colors create depth and radiate an extravagant elegance.

The series consists of two stand up figures and five wall hanging Trophies.

You can select one of the pre colored designs with two colors per papertrophy, or you can choose between 80 custom color-options per Trophy. Moreover, you can always go for the white version, which is offering a wide possibility for personalization. Either way you will get a beautiful piece of art that simply makes your living room, kitchen or study, look colorful.

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Built Quality


Hundreds of polygons fit perfectly inside each other and build a sturdy construction using nothing more than paper and glue. It is astonishing how concrete the final product is, the flat paper elements used to build it are all bond together into one solid three-dimensional structure, courtesy of geometry and carefully studied structural integrity.

They are made of high quality paper of at least 220g/m2 (as a reference: regular printer paper is 80g/m2), Papertrophies are made in Berlin by handpicked local print shops. All papers are eco-friendly and carry the FSC seal. Every paper craft is inspected manually to ensure that only perfectly cut and pre-folded models receive the official Papertrophy seal.

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Easy to assemble


Building Papertrophies is easy. It just takes some time and regular paper glue. The colorfull animal paper sculptures arrives pre-cut but with pre-creased folding patterns at your doorstep. That makes folding super easy. You don‘t even need complicated and long instructions: Simply glue the numbered pieces together and the final product will magically appear piece by piece in your hand.

Once all flaps are glued together you see the initial paper-parts transforming into a three-dimensional artwork ready to be hung on the wall and displayed.

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Why we like them


They are colorful paper animal sculptures of course!

Moreover, it is do-it-yourself papercraft, you work with your hands to assemble them, which is fun and constructive for kids and grown-ups alike. Finally we love the symbolism that relates a “trophy” with the outcome of creativity and precision handcrafting

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