Discover our unique selection of wonderful designer textiles. Here you will find contemporary textiles with superb quality to decorate your home and add unique color and style to your living space.

Give your sofa a stylish detail by adding a colorful cushion, match your beautiful bed with stylish bed sheet, or just compliment your living room décor with an artistic throw blanket. Home textiles provide the finishing touch to any modern interior, they add warmth and character to your home, while at the same time serving practical needs.

Closely related to the broader fashion industry, contemporary textiles are usually following the latest fashion trends and their patterns & materials can define the look of your living room or bedroom.

Many international design companies offer a range of designer home textiles, as textile design fulfills a variety of purposes in our lives. For example, duvet covers, bed sheets, quilts, blankets, pillows, drapes, towels, and throws are all a result of textile design. These examples illustrate the significance of textiles in our daily lives, they are not only important for their use, but also for the significant role they play in the home decoration.

At Design Is This we offer a carefully selected collection of soft and lovely textiles and innovative fabric home decoration accessories in stunning colors and creative patterns. Be inspired by our unique selection of wonderful decorative textiles!

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White Line Skull Bath Mat 700g/m² - done. by Karabel -21%

White Line Skull Bath Mat 700g/m² - done. by Karabel

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