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Naef Bauhaus Chess Set by Josef Hartwig.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Naef Bauhaus Chess Set by Josef Hartwig

Designed by Bauhaus sculptor Josef Hartwig in 1923 this unique chess set is characterized by clean lines typical of the timeless Bauhaus style, surely an all-time classic.

The set’s pieces are formed to represent their particular function. In contrast to commonly used figures, the shapes of the pieces used in the Bauhaus Chess Set, are based purely on the function and form of the maneuver of each piece. Cubes, cylinders, circles, crosses, and squares lead you move by move to checkmate.

Multiple versions of this iconic chess set were produced over the years, under the same Bauhaus influence, which necessitates that design has to be practical, durable, inexpensive and beautiful. Josef Hartwig achieved these feats, and the beautiful wooden Bauhaus Chess Set is surely an embodiment of the Bauhaus’s dogmatic belief that form follows function.

The most prominent version of the board still produced and sold today is the one made by Naef, the quality oriented Swiss toy company. As all Naef products the adorable chess set is handcrafted with the highest precision and extreme care, the result is outstanding quality. Apart from the ingenious concept behind it, it is also the quality of the workmanship, which makes the Bauhaus Chess Set so special.

Fascinating, aesthetically pleasing and ingenious, this is an ideal toy for adults and children alike, which develops the senses during play and encourages strategic thought and creativity.

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