Ceiling Fans

Design Is This offers a wide selection of designer ceiling fans made by some of the world’s top fan manufacturers. Our comprehensive collection includes an extensive variety of proposals, from contemporary minimalist designs, to supersized ceiling fans with light kits that will become the vocal point of your space.

We carry modern ceiling fans that offer all options the demanding user may require, such as: Remote control, silent operation, built-in halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs or even blades made of high-tech materials.

A modern ceiling fan is cost effective and energy efficient cooling solution, but also a must have feature for an entryway or living room. It helps set the tone of your home decor as your guests walk in, while providing a pleasant breeze.

Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans only move air, they do not directly change its temperature. They consume significantly less electricity and they do not change the quality of air (ie. dry the air out) therefore they are an ideal and environmentally friendly solution for cooling. In summer, ceiling fans created a breeze created that speeds the evaporation of perspiration on human skin, which makes the body's natural cooling mechanism much more efficient.

Yet ceiling fans are also very useful in winter as they facilitate heating efficiency by running in reverse mode. That is because warmer air rises to the ceiling while cooler air sinks. This means it is colder near the floor where people live and spend their time. A ceiling fan, with its direction of rotation set so that air is drawn upward, pulls up the colder air below, forcing the warmer air nearer the ceiling to move down to take its place. This action works to even out the temperature in the room, making it cooler nearer the ceiling, but warmer nearer the floor. This means that the thermostat in the area can be set a few degrees lower to save energy, while maintaining the same level of comfort.

An additional use of ceiling fans is coupling them with an air conditioning unit. Ceilings fans have a great effectiveness of moving air that far exceeds that of an air conditioning unit. Therefore, for peak efficiency, the air conditioner should be used to change the air temperature and the ceiling fan to circulate the air.

If you are looking for ceiling fans that will make you want to always look up and you appreciate well thought design and advanced functional properties, the collection of Design Is This awaits you to explore it. We have selected a variety of ceiling fans with innovative design, great energy efficiency and excellent air circulation capacity.

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