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Discover an exciting range of stylish cooker hoods that will make a lasting impression on your kitchen layout and will become the focal point of your kitchen decoration.

Why let the cooker hood be an eyesore in your kitchen? At DesignIsThis we are offering a selected a range of designer cooker hoods with modern conceptual design that could easily be mistaken as pieces of modern art, a style statement for every modern kitchen.

Our extensive range of designer cooker hoods includes hoods in stainless steel, aluminum, glass, even paintable hoods that flawlessly blend into your kitchen décor. Every cooker hood we offer has very high extraction rates, it will certainly make a lasting impression on your kitchen layout while performing flawlessly.

If you are searching for a cooker hood that can assure your kitchen environment feels and smells clean, look no further. With their intensive speed settings and powerful engines, all our hoods offer fast and effective extraction power in impeccable style. Moreover, we offer many specialty kitchen hoods with advanced functionalities such as touch controls, integrated lighting, remote controls and carbon filtration.

Here you can find ceiling mounted cooker hoods, wall mounted cooker hoods, as well as hoods for special applications, such as extra wide hoods, retractable hoods, or island cooker hoods that will become the central decorative element in any kitchen.

Wall mounted cooker hoods provide focus to the cooking area in the kitchen and can be fitted either in between kitchen cabinets or on their own for a bold style statement. All our wall mounted hoods have stunning design and are beautifully finished, these hoods surely emphasize the ambience of any kitchen.

Ceiling mounted cooker hoods on the other hand are very unobtrusive and provide flexibility, while becoming a dominant stylistic element in your kitchen. Moreover, ceiling mounted hoods are the definitive choice for island kitchens. In many modern kitchens the island often marks the transition between living and cooking areas. An island cooker hood can make a real visual impact but can also restrict visibility into the living area in open plan spaces.

Browse through our spectacular designer cooker hoods below and make a style statement in your kitchen today.

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Juliette Hanging Kitchen Hood - Elica

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