We are used to consider shelves as something purely functional and of no decorative purpose, whatsoever. Design Is This singled out some design shelves that prove otherwise. Shelves can be an exquisite option for wall decoration solutions.

Placed into some small spaces that need to save up room, a single shelf can be a refreshing high light to liven up your wall and accommodate necessary objects. Meanwhile, a cluster of shelves can texturize and cover an extensive wall area playing with the light and shadows that drop on the surface.

Shelves can truly become the main decorative element of a room.

In Design Is This we have selected manufacturers known for the high quality of their materials used. Glass shelves seem aerial and luxurious, while metal shelves in colors are playful and easy to mix and match.

Practical and sharp looking, our selection of wall shelves impresses and each shelf stands out and captivates with the clean lines it design. And more are to come!

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