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LEGO Furniture by Lola Glamour.

by Anna Karataglidou
Lego furniture by Lola Glamour

Spanish manufacturer Lola Glamour creates wonderful children furniture inspired by LEGO the iconic children’s toys that spark creativity.

The characteristic LEGO piece pattern becomes drawer or cabinet handle, or a pop decorative element. The design of the LEGO furniture collection by Lola Glamour evokes a nostalgic feeling to the elder and creates a playful environment for the younglings. The designers give a wink to their favorite childhood toys and create unique furniture range for today’s children.

Vivid colors complete the LEGO furniture set that includes a child’s bed, a shelf – cabinet composition and a drawer unit. Each piece features a unique character and when all of them are combined, a scenery taken of a children’s book, or mind, pops up.

All furniture collections by Lola Glamour are designed and hand crafted by two brothers, Desiree and Felix. They are based in Soria, a Spanish area with tradition in handmade furniture and carpentry. Felix and Desiree collaborate only use the finest materials for their creations, which they handpick. they collaborate with a number of local craftsmen and take part in all stages of the design, production and distribution of their creations. Lola Glamour was funded in 1995 and aims to promote Spanish design and craftsmanship.

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