Surrealist furniture: Parapluie Table by Rakso Naibaf.

Berlin Based design studio Rakso Naibaf presents the peculiar Parapluie Table, a uniquely surrealistic side table that looks it jumped straight out of a René Magritte painting.

This unique piece of furniture is simple, yet ingenious. Oskar Kohnen and Fabian Freytag of Rakso Naibaf took the form of an umbrella and transformed it into a versatile table. The steel umbrella-shaped pedestal supports a plywood table top, while a square base adds weight and provides the necessary stability. The Parapluie Table is a functional piece with a uniquely surrealist allure, an ode to the absurdity of the everyday. And to top it off if you are strong enough, it can serve as a parasol on a rainy day and it certainly won’t flip over when the winds are howling.

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