Ceramic Knives

Ceramic Knives are becoming very popular lately for a number of great reasons, most notably their superb sharpness, unappalled hardness and resistance to chemical corrosion. By using innovative ceramic blades these knives are incomparably sharp and they retain their edge so well that they do not need sharpening. Quality ceramic knives are made from powdered zircon sintered at 1300°C and forged under 300 tones pressure.

This high tech blade construction process creates zirconium oxide blades with diamond-like hardness. These ultra-sharp, long-life blades can cut through food with surgical precision and hold their edge much longer than steel. As a result, they do not need to be sharpened on a regular base, in fact they can even last a lifetime without any sharpening. A definitive advantage over conventional kitchen knives.

At the same time, ceramic knives have another beneficial quality. Ceramic blades are chemically neutral and extremely resistant to all kinds of corrosion. Practically this means that ceramic knives will not impart any metallic taste or smell and they are 100% stain and rust proof. Food ingredients such as salt, oil or fruit acids will not corrode a ceramic knife, and smell particles will not stick to them, therefore there is no conservation of smell.

Moreover ceramic knives are easier to clean in the long term. After repeated use, conventional steel knives will start showing signs of use, such as small dents, or scratches where food remains might residue. On the contrary, ceramic knives by virtue of their extreme hardness will remain intact, with an always smooth blade that is easier clean. This translates to absolute hygiene.

Finally, their small weight makes them very flexible to use for hours without fatigue.

At Design Is This we are offering a comprehensive selection of ceramic knives. Most knives in our selection have been awarded for their outstanding performance and technical features, and they all stand out for their unique design and modern style. All our ceramic knives are FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration) for food safety.

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Ceramic Onyx Set of 5 Knives - Edge of Belgravia -50%

Ceramic Onyx Set of 5 Knives - Edge of Belgravia

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