Ice Cube Trays & Molds

Ice Cube Trays are an essential accessory to have in every kitchen that will comfort your everyday need for an ice-cold glass of water or refreshment, or in special occasions where you enjoy a chilled cocktail.

The ice trays have evolved and nowadays the metal containers belong in the past and new handy modern and luxurious silicon trays and molds are dominating. We offer a fine collection of ice trays and molds that vary in size, shape, color and other features and will help you complete your drinking ritual.

You can choose among large square molds for cubes that dilute slower than traditional ones, silicone sphere molds that are perfect for cocktails, sodas and juices, rocks made of steel ideal for preserving the taste of your drinks specially for whisky lovers, or trays that allow you to easily create crushed ice.

Moreover, you will find revolutionary ice cube storage trays with clever mechanisms that enables you to release the amount of ice cubes you really need, whilst the rest remain securely in the tray and can be placed back in the freezer.