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Junk Sculptures by Dario Tironi and Koji Yoshida.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, says a well known idiom. While most people are looking at discarded objects and just see garbage, artists Dario Tironi and Koji Yoshida see valuable raw materials for his spectacular junk sculptures.

The work of Dario Tironi and Koji Yoshida gives a whole new meaning to the concept of recycling. Old toys, discarded computer components, broken calculators, packaging materials, household accessories, and any other strange object blend harmoniously in the creations of the Italian artist. These striking sculptures which are made from glued together junk are called THINGS and represent animals and humans alike.

According to the artists their sculptures represent the connection of biological evolution to environmental pollution and e junk accumulation. The intended message is that the evolution of species presupposes respect for the environment and the responsible waste management of the myriad rubbish constantly produced by our modern technological civilization.

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