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Lastika Chair by Velichko Velikov for LAGO.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Lastika Chair was designed by Velichko Velikov for Italian furniture manufacturer LAGO and promises innovative design, comfort and convenience.

It was first introduced in Salone Mobile Milan 2011 and it is inspired by the shape of a flower, more specifically by a daisy. When you sit on it, you are supported by elastic bands that make up the seat and create a rocking sensation, although the structure of the seat offers excellent support. In addition the Lastika Chair is stackable for ease of storage. The construction is simple and innovative the seat consists of a metal tube frame and 40 colored flexible straps that simulate the leaves of a daisy.

It is a fun, relaxed and comfortable seat, while the construction is very stable because it has broad support. At the same time, the design has a “playful” dimension which gives the possibility of motion. For this reason the Lastika Chair can even be interpreted as a modern version of a swing chair. These exceptional chairs are distinguished by their bright colors and unusual shape, offering a unique stylistic approach to your interior.

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