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Air Multiplier fans by Dyson.

by Anna Karataglidou

The revolutionary Air Multiplier fans by Dyson were presented for the first time in 2009 but they still remain the most evolved electric fans of the market therefore, an ideal solution for even the warmest summers!

Air Multiplier fans are the biggest innovation since the appearance of the first fan. In contrast with the traditional bladed fan appliances the Air Multiplier fans by Dyson do not have any blades. The air gets sucked in from a small fan inside the base of the appliance and the ring of the upper part accelerates the wind even more using the specially designed aerodynamic loop taking advantage of the Venturi effect. The wind flow speeds up to 15 times creating a strong air stream.

Besides the visually impressive design that looks like the Air Multiplier by Dyson just landed from outer space, the advantages of such an appliance are plenty. First of all, the Air Multiplier is completely silent, the wind stream is constant and not disrupted like in conventional electric fans, and above all, it is absolutely accident-free. Without blades, no child’s little fingers are in danger! In fact, it does not even need a protective grid cover, which makes it extremely easy to clean.

Air multiplier by Dyson comes in three different versions, one table version and two floor versions. One of the latter is “tower” shaped with a very wide range of wind stream. It goes without saying that Air Multiplier by Dyson has all the features any conventional electric fan features, like adjustment of the intensity, automatic swivel and change of angle.

Sir James Dyson Air multiplier’s design seems ideal for an electric fan and manages to counterweight its cost with its features. Furthermore it replaces a small air-conditioning unit with its convenience and its mobility, the low energy consumption and the safe environment it offers to the people with sensitivities of their respiratory system.

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