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Mogg Fendo Mirror by CTRLZAK.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Fendo Mirror is more than just a decorative object, it is an art installation conveying an important message about the preservation of species.

Fendo is an impressive hybrid object balancing at the crossroad between art and design. It was designed by studio CTRLZAK and is part of the ongoing project “Extincto”. A research project on the issue of species extinction and the loss of biodiversity. Modern extinction rates of animals have increased drastically in the last 500 years and the main cause for this is none other than man himself, directly or indirectly.

Since it is difficult to understand the extent of this problem based only on data and statistics provided by scientific groups, CTRLZAK studio decided to use alternative modes of expression -art and design- to bring awareness to the public regarding this phenomenon. EXTINCTO wants to become a moment of encounter and a point of reflection on the problem of species extinction and its possible repercussions in the near future as well as the role of humankind on earth, here and now.

The Fendo mirrors are one of the artistic objects created to convey this important, yet dire, message. Unlike other exhibits, the Fendo mirrors are manufactured by the Italian company Mogg and are also available for sale. The story behind this dramatic-looking mirror also explains its dark, carnal and theatrical appearance.

The basis of the design for the Fendo were two mammals that could still be found in large numbers in Africa a few centuries ago but were hunted to extinction by humans: the Bluebuck (Hippotragus Leucophaeus) and the Bubal hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus buselaphus).

The Fendo project takes the form of two sculptural objects that replicate the shape of the animals’ heads and characteristic horns, while a mirror is placed where the animal’s face would originally be, reflecting the faces of the people looking into it. The humans complete the work with their own faces creating thus a new creature which is at the same time the hunter and the hunted. Fendo are hybrid objects that reflect our past and give a glimpse to our future when we will inevitably become the victims of our own actions.

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