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Smart E-Bike electric bike.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Fashion forward car manufacturer Smart recently presented the evolutionary Smart E-bike. A stylish electric bike that brings the two wheels to the Smart family and introduces a series of technological innovations.

For the development of the Smart E-Bike, Smart collaborated with a specialized electric bike manufacturer, Berlin Based Grace. The Smart E-Bike is equipped with a 250 watt electric motor which accelerates the bike at a speed over 25 km per hour. At the same time, it has very low power consumption allowing autonomy in excess 100 kilometers. The design is modern and streamlined, since the battery and the electric motor are fully integrated in the frame of the bicycle.

An innovative design element is the smartphone integration, which allows you to use the phone as GPS and information display, showing current speed, battery charge level and all other vital information. As a bonus you also maintain your smartphone fully charged. More technical specification after the jump…..

Another important innovation is the belt driven transmission that includes an internal sealed gear system. This approach has many practical benefits. The gears are contained within a closed gearbox that should never require maintenance. Thanks to the belt here is no need to grease the chain teeth (a blessing for our pants), while the closed gearbox offers smooth gear shifts and rock-solid reliability.

All the bolt-on parts found on the Smart E-Bike are what one would expect to see in the maiden electric bike of such a pioneering company. Features such as hydraulic disc brakes, a sleek LED lighting system and a USB port for charging portable electronic devices, all come as standard. At the same time, the use of advanced technology is evident at all aspects: The electric motor is brushless for minimal maintenance. The bike is equipped with a regenerative braking system that charges the battery every time you hit the brakes, and the transmission makes use of patented Hybrid-X technology, which allows the electric motor to be used simultaneously with the pedals. The Hybrid-X transmission effectively combines the torque of pedaling with the torque of the electric motor and it has four different settings for the user to select the level of electric support he desires.

The built quality is expected to be top notch as the Smart E-Bike will be manufactured exclusively in Germany and all its structural elements, such as the frame, the handlebar, the lights, the saddle, even the mud flaps, were designed from scratch for this vehicle and they are not standard commercial peripherals. The final piece of the puzzle that is crucial for the success of the Smart E-Bike, is that it does not require a driving license, registration or registration fees. It was designed to be classified as a bike.

The Smart E-Bike is an innovative, practical and environmentally friendly vehicle an ideal choice for urban commuting. It is scheduled for release in 2012 and current rumors mention an indicative price of 2,900 €.

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