Home Art Milk Carton + Alcohol = Ecohols.

Milk Carton + Alcohol = Ecohols.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

German artist Jörn Beyer explores the role of packaging in our understanding of a product, through the creation of the Ecohols series.

The Ecohols series consists of three packages of known alcoholic drinks that instead of their usual bottles are packaged in milk cartons. Jägermeister, Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniels were parted of their signature elegant glass bottles and re-packaged in simple paper cartons.

The question now is whether customers will still buy them and what remains of the brand once their signature packaging is replaced? What is ultimately the most important: the name, the content, the wrapping, or are they an integral package? The only certainty is that Jörn Beyer’s work contains a strong dose of surrealism. It may not get categorized in the fine art realm, but it is definitely a very creative experiment.

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