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In-Ypsilon Armchair by Miroslav Maňas for mminterier.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The In-Ypsilon Armchair by Czech company mminterier achieves a difficult combination as it graciously combines modern style with classic lines.

It was designed by Czech architect Miroslav Maňas who is also the founder of mminterier. The dominant design element is the angular metal frame that gives a modern, geometric silhouette. The curved wooden back and seat interpose to “soften” the strict line of the frame, composing a unique design which is finalized with the luxurious black leather upholstery. The combination of three different materials, metal, wood and leather is highly successful and gives an aura of quality.

Another interesting element is the attempt by Miroslav Maňas to create a quality product tied to local tradition. Therefore the choice of using curved wood was not accidental. A large proportion of the famous “Vienna Bentwood Chairs” invented by Michael Thonet in the mid 1800’s were made in the Czech Republic. Bound by their love for these classic chairs, the Czechs established a long tradition of making furniture using curved wood. So the In-Ypsilon Armchair blends tradition with modernity in the best possible way.

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