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Rainbow Cabinet by Tusse.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Tusse Rainbow Cabinet

The Rainbow Cabinet by Portuguese furniture company Tusse is dressed with 78 colorful glass panels that make it look like a unique gemstone.

Tusse combines art and design in order to create innovative furniture, which stand out due to their originality. One of our favorite pieces is their amazing Rainbow Cabinet. It has 78 painted glass panels on all four sides and a built-in lighting system. When the internal lights are activated the whole cabinet glows, creating a magical rainbow around it.

The design of the Rainbow Cabinet was influenced the paintings of the famous impressionist Piet Mondrian. One will immediately notice the distinctive geometrical pattern formed by the glass panels, simple yet brilliant, a clear reference to work of the famous Dutch painter. The Rainbow Cabinet blends modern and art deco elements in a unique way, and the end result is simply stunning.

The philosophy of Tusse is to combine past forms and techniques with contemporary art and design. They believe in the junction of advanced technology with traditional manufacturing techniques, giving a unique character and added value to their pieces. They look deeply into Portugal and its traditions absorbing every detail which may enrich their creations, in order to achieve excellence.

This attention to detail is evident in the Rainbow Cabinet. Its frame is made of solid wood and all the glass panels are cut and painted by hand. It is offered in black or white color and is painted using traditional French techniques, which provide a rich color and a very smooth surface.

The Rainbow Cabinet would look perfect in any room and will add a touch of sophistication regardless if the décor is traditional or modern.

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