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My BOOKmark, Unusual Art Bookmarks.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
My BOOKmark Unusual Art Bookmarks

These unique handmade bookmarks are unlike anything we have seen before. Original, artistic and funny they are an ideal gift for anyone that loves reading.

My BOOKmark art bookmarks are made from polymer clay and they are hand painted using acrylic paint. The main section that goes into the book is thick cardboard. These funny looking legs have a really surrealistic look when sticking out of a book and they will surely make anyone smile.

They are available in a very wide selection, suitable for grown-ups as well as children. Among many great designs our favorite ones are definitely the “Wicked Witch in the Book” inspired by Wizard of OZ and the “Sexy Legs in the Book”, that look like a pin-up girl’s legs and can even carry a personalized tattoo!

We love the fact that there are so many unique designs, because one can easily match the “Leg Style” with his favorite book subjects. For example a romantic book could be accompanied by the “Bride’s Legs”, a horror story by the “Monster Legs” and a children’s book by our favorite “Wicked Witch Legs”. Simple but at the same time brilliant idea, needless to say we want them all.

These unusual, but inspired bookmarks are made my Olena Mysnyk.

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Trudy 02/03/2023 - 13:58

How do I order your bookmarkers


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