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Photography by Louis Lander Deacon – Dreamer.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Louis Lander Deacon Photography

Despite his young age (19 years old) London based photographer Louis Lander Deacon is quickly making a name for himself by producing inspiring photographs such as the Dreamer photographic series.

The Dreamer series features people levitating in mysterious and ethereal settings. According to Louis Lander Deacon his source of inspiration was the longtime dream of humans of being able to levitate, to be weightless. He says: “The task I set myself was to create photographs that were so realistic that the viewer would believe that levitation was possible. Just the whole idea still makes my mind go fuzzy”. These breathtaking photographs are indeed a dream that became photography.

Louis Lander Deacon’s work reminds us strongly of a similar project by Natsumi Hayashi, but despite the fact that both works revolve around levitation, they are fundamentally different. Whereas Natsumi makes it appear as if it is something normal, done effortlessly, Louis uses that “dreamy” scenery that blends fantasy with reality.

Apart from the wonderful Dreamer Series, Louis Lander Deacon has also built a solid portfolio of editorial and fashion photography all with his signature surrealist touch, so we are expecting that we are going to be seeing a lot more of this guy in the near future. You can keep track of Louis’s work at his facebook page.

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