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Was ist Metaphysik? Architectural Photo Artworks by Michele Durazzi.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Was ist Metaphysik? Is an impressive collection of architectural photo artworks by Italian graphic designer Michele Durazzi.

These stunning  images are the result of three-dimensional graphics processing from software to dedicated rendering and post production. They are mainly works of architecture, divided into exterior, interior, close-up views of details”. Essentially this impressive work is storytelling through architectural detail. The title “Was ist Metaphysik?” was borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger (1929). Every visual signification in the series is not only into what it visually represents, but also a form of perspective bound to the rest of the collection.

Every detail radiates consistency with the series in an almost “Metaphysik” way. The observer is required to subconsciously rebuilt the images and structure this relation that stems from both color and geometry.

According to the designer:

“All pictures are made in 3D without specific real references, and they follow a path in which the link between environment e humans become totally rooted out from what we used to live. Every visual signification not only into what is meant to represent itself but also from the perspective which frames and contains. And by human presence with the role the balancing. The compositional idea is which of any object can be superfluous to represent its totality when a detail can radiate consistency, both geometry and narration. The totality left out to benefit of the observer who is required to rebuild over the edges, like to compensate for an area of partial blindness. The relationship with the human presence determines the scale, vastness and at the same time the heideggerian “dasein”, or being-there: the keystone of existentialist philosophy, for which any ontological significance is related to the subject that expresses, both as presence as language.”

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