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Spriggy Cross Table by Gallix.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Spriggy Cross Table by Gallix

The Spriggy Cross table by French brand Gallix has a sleek and light architectural form, yet it is a very durable and flexible piece of furniture.

The basic idea behind the design is the base of the table  which makes use of patented “Flexobon” technology developed by Vincent Gallix. The Spriggy Cross stands are light (3.2 kg) and solid, trestles consist of four interconnected steel tubes which are connected with flexible cables. This cross symmetric structure provides lightness and simplicity, while at the same time the foldable trestles provide unique flexibility. The Spriggy Cross stands with the internationally patented “Flexobon” structure have also won the prestigious “red dot design award”.

This elegant and cunning foldaway table has one more unique characteristic, you don’t have to buy the matching laminate table top necessarily you can even buy the “Flexobon” foldable structure by itself and use a table top of your choice. Therefore you could match these flexible architectural mounts with a material with the quality characteristics that you prefer. Finally by connecting many modules one can easily assemble even large tables for special use.

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