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MARE TRANQULLITATIS Marble Tray by Shiro Studio.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

This strikingly beautiful marble tray by London based Shiro Studio is inspired by lunar crates formed by the collision of space objects against our moon.

Mare Tranqullitatis is a limited edition piece carved out of a solid block of white Carrara marble, this unique object can be characterized as an artwork in its own right.  It measures 350x350x55mm and is riddled with craters, modelled after the craters in the surface of the moon.

The concavities of varying size can accommodate objects of varying size, from fruits to jewelry. A versatile tray that can be sued in many different ways, while always looking fabulous.

The fine ribbed texture of the tray’s surface is a remnant of the industrial milling process used to carve it and were intentionally left visible to stand as testament to the objects’ contemporary machined genesis.

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