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Whaletone Royal Digital Piano.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Whaletone piano by Polish designer Robert Majkut is a modern sculpture and at the same time a phenomenal music instrument with exceptional sound.

Whaletone is for connoisseurs of taste for whom all the aspects of a thing must meet in one exquisite form. However the Whaletone piano is not just a gorgeous piece of modern art, but first of all, an instrument whose heart is music. It is an impeccable grand piano ready to may face just about any musical challenge.

This uniquely shaped piano was first unveiled in 2011 and its beautiful silhouette is inspired by whales. The magnificent sea mammals known among others things for their extraordinary “Whalesong” used for communication.

To stay current with the technological times in 2016 Whaletone has introduced the ‘royal digital’ which includes the flagship sound processor by Roland that can replicated the best sound of an acoustic grand piano, as well as a list of more than 500 various high quality sounds built-in.

The Roland sound processor is the musical heart of the Whaletone piano. The processor generates an outstandingly authentic sound of a string grand piano which is rendered owing to the Super Natural Piano technology. Each string is available in three types of sounds, 30 selectable variations as well as 10 sounds of electric pianos in 15 variations, all of which are based upon the ‘super natural technology’.

The piano is controlled by a full sized PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard with fully balanced escapement which imitates the hammering effect of a classical grand piano. The Whaletone ‘royal digital’ is equipped with an internal, three-channel noiseless amplifier of the power of 340 to more than 1,300 W – depending on the channel. Under the electrically lifted cover there are five Hi-End speakers made by the Danish company Scan. These precision speakers produce a dynamic sound scene where low tones are accurately synced with high ones, in order to create an effective three-dimensional sound.

Each Whaletone piano is individually configured within the scope of positioning and amplifying of the sound. Via the use of the possibilities offered by channel micro-delay adjustment, balancing correction or elimination of the redundant vibrations of the membranes, each instrument is tailor made to meet the requirements of the soundstage where it will be used.

If you are in the market for a six-figure digital piano that can fill a stadium with super clear undistorted sound, the Whaletone Royal Digital will deliver. Plus as a bonus it just looks amazing!

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