CTRLZAK is a hybrid studio that integrates different disciplines and cultures. The founders are two artists and designers, Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos. CTRLZAK is an Italian-Greek duo and their creations are inspired by their rich cultural backgrounds, as wells as their travels and experiences around the world.

CTRLZAK duo is now a team consisting also of designers Sergio Daolio, Thimios Apostolakis and Roberta Co. CTRLZAK not only creates artworks, objects and spaces but– above all– creates situations where people can come together in order to make what really matters: human relations.

Their philosophy derives from the past, as all CTRLZAK’s projects and extensive research into tradition and cultural context learn from history and create a new hybrid future. Each project is a story waiting to be told, with a multitude of forms and endings. Each one experiments with diverse methods of narration where irony and symbolism go beyond aesthetics and functionality, in order to activate mechanisms of reflection.

CTRLZAK have collaborated with a large number of design manufacturing companies world widely.

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