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Italia Veloce Tailored Retro Bikes, a work of Italian craftsmanship.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Italia Veloce Bicycles

The traditional craft of pouring time, patience and thoroughness into hand-made objects of desire oozes in the works of Italia Veloce. Artistic vision meets mechanical precision in these two-wheeled pieces of art.

During the last decade we are in the midst of an unprecedented surge in bicycle production, design, interest and consumption from urban dwellers all across the world. Facilitating our commute through many a city’s dense traffic arteries the modern bicycle is a means of transportation that is increasingly becoming a lifestyle decision. Italia Veloce Tailored Retro Bikes are a unique proposition, a product of Italian craftsmanship that stands out for its impeccable quality, its unique styling and its unmistakable details that embody the history of the Italian bicycles.

The experience of trained hands, in the fully handmade welding refined inside the historical Italia Veloce factory is the foundation of these intriguing hand-made bicycles. Years of research in the field of bicycle styling, produced this amazing result, a top-of-the-line bike whose styling features artistic details and Italian cultural references that entice us to rediscover the value of making things by hand.

Crafted with experienced hands, the pipes assembled into a classical frame and with its polished joints and back forks, every detail makes this bike one of kind. Every frame is numbered and catalogued individually. The frame number is impressed by hand onto the patch, and makes this handicraft object a unique piece of art. The registration booklet reports the frame’s characteristics along with information regarding the whole bicycle. As the booklet is modified along with the bicycle including any information regarding modifications or tuning, this maintains real traceability for the company’s historical archive.

However, although the company is based on tradition and classical values, they understand that customer needs are evolving. Moreover they have a unique understanding of the importance of a tailor made experience being communicated through an interactive medium, the internet. For this reason Italia Veloce has set-up “Un1ca”, an Online Configurator so that the customer can configure his personal unique work of art according to his personal preferences.

Using the configurator you can choose the model that suits you best and match it with your preferred color palette. Then you can attach the periphericals that suit you best. Impressive handlebars, leather seats, retro looking wheels and tires, and many other details can be configured. Your choices bring the bicycle to life. You can make your bicycle more comfortable for daily life in the city, or sportier, with a rugged design. You can make it even more exclusive by adding unique pieces such as the original period trim or other real pieces of cycling history. Moreover Un1ca enables you to personalize the plate on the vertical part of the frame with your name or other words of your choice to make it Un1ca and unmistakable. The frame has the Un1ca symbol, the exclusive sign of something you have created yourself. Using Un1ca you can make every Italia Veloce bicycle exclusive.

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