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DROMEAS International Industrial Design Competition.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
DROMEAS International Industrial Design Competition

Office furniture brand DROMEAS continues for the 6th time to give the opportunity to creative new designers to show their vision and fresh proposals to the public.

Industrial design arose in the late 19th century and the need of producing new mass products, urged engineers, scientists, architects, artists and other creative individuals to use a combination of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, and usability of everyday products. Since then the industrial designer’s involvement in product development became essential in order to provide design solutions for problems of form, usability and ergonomics among other factos. DROMEAS embraces this philosophy and provides to emerging industrial designers the prospect to show their skills and demonstrate how form follows function from their unique perspective.

In this procedure the designer takes into consideration the utility, ergonomics, aesthetics, quality, production processes and economies of scale. However the factors which constitute a design successful interchange in significance in accordance with society’s technological, financial and social development. Recently another crucial factor has been added in the product’s designing procedure. It’s the products’ effect in the environment. Ecological design and eco sustainability presents industrial designers with a new challenge: They have to minimize the environmentally destructive impact of product production, deployment and dismantlement, integrating in a sense these new products with living processes.

DROMEAS stands firmly behind these core values and believes in the creation of innovative and environmentally friendly products through constant investment in new technologies. The DROMEAS International Industrial Design Competition is one of the main vehicles for developing new technologies and ideas. DROMEAS calls on young emerging designers to visualize better office furniture that increase productivity while minimizing at the same time environmental impact.

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