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Dreamfarm Teafu Squeeze Tea Infuser.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Dreamfarm Teafu Tea Infuser

The innovative Teafu Tea Infuser by Australia based Dreamfarm makes tea preparation a bit more stylish and a whole lot easier, because when you want a cup of tea it should be about relaxing an enjoying it.

Inspired by the classic “tea infuser ball” Teafu takes this simple design many steps further. The central idea is the funky flexible silicone pod where the tea is kept. Squeezing Teafu’s flexible silicone pod forces water in and out, circulating more water around your tea leaves which brews them faster, letting you enjoy your tea sooner. The flexible infuser pod also lets you squeeze out every last drop from your tea leaves. When your tea is ready you can stand your Teafu on the counter without any mess. And to top it off it opens completely flat and doubles as a spoon. Simply ingenious!

With traditional tea infusers the brewing process is longer and more complex. The holes in the infuser are small so tea leaves don’t end up in your cup but they also mean that it takes ages for the water to get in and infuse with the tea. Then when you take the infuser out it drips everywhere! Teafu solves the dripping problem and gives you the perfect cup in a fraction of the time. It is amazing how many functions it simple design has. This awesome little tool handles every part of the tea-preparation process all in one. Scoop it, dunk it, squeeze it and done. Plus you need not worry about cleaning up, tea is served with no mess at all and just tool to wash.

Teafu is made of food-grade heat resistant silicone that is good for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and comes in a selection of funky bright colors. It is a kitchen tool that looks good and it works brilliantly.

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