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MyShell256 Modular Shoes by Sharon Golan.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The exceedingly futuristic MyShell256 modular shoes designed by graduate designer Sharon Golan are assembled from 16 separate parts that allow the composition of 256 different designs.

Sharon Golan created a very original concept which is ideal for those women who can never have enough shoes. The design is minimalistic but at the same time allows a tremendous diversity. The full MyShell256 set consists of sixteen parts, but each shoe is assembled using four parts, strapped to the wearer’s foot using elastic silicon bands. The possible combinations are so many that the wearer essentially also becomes the designer by choosing his preferred color combination, stylistic approach and heel height.

MyShell256 shoes are made of thermoplastic, a lightweight and durable material. Another interesting aspect of the design s the “split structure” of the shoe. The rigid pieces forming the front and the rear part of shoe move independently as the foot flexes, with no connecting bridge between the heel and ball of the foot. Although they have not yet come into production, Saron Golan plans to produce them and sell them through her website. We particularly like the idea of modular shoes that offer such a plethora of combination options and hope to see them in production soon.

Here is how Sharon Golan describes her innovative project:

“My shoe collection originated from a minimalistic design concept, which at the same time allows for great variety. The inspiration came from the terrestrial crust, which is shaped by internal pressure and stress- it cracks, swells, moves, and responds to any changes, in the same way as the foot. My set of shoes combines basic shapes, different techniques with industrial materials, 16 modular units are inspired by four models – parts of fruit peel, egg, earth, and shell. These units are can be assembled using silicon-rubber bands, resulting in 256 different shaped shoes.”

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