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Dissolve mirror by Arik Levy for Robba Edition.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Dissolve Mirror by Arik Levy

The Dissolve mirror was designed by Arik Levy for Robba Edition and seems to dissolve in space, while distorting the reflections of the surrounding space and creating a surreal image.

The mirror is made in France from high quality 3mm acrylic mirror glass. It is constructed using a technique of digital laser cutting which enables to cut with great precision, making it possible to create such complex and impressive shapes. Robba Edition proposes a new design approach with contemporary mirrors, where desire and emotion reign. Both fixed and moving, Dissolve Parts is a very aesthetically pleasing mirror, which decomposes itself and also its soundings by distorting what it reflects.

Moreover imaginary reconstruction of the rectangle formed by the mirror can be interpreted as a mental puzzle. The Dissolve mirror is more a work of art than a conventional practical mirror. Thus, it stands out due to its artistic rather than practical value.

The Dissolve mirror is offered in two versions, the classic Dissolve model and the Dissolve Parts model which has a greater surface area and less scattered pieces. Installing the mirror is simple and is done using the supplied double sided Velcro tapes. An installation plan is included so that you can easily replicate the proposed pattern, but you can always create your own pattern by relocating the pieces to your match your space requirements.

French Robba Edition specializes in manufacturing mirrors. Having previously collaborated with leading designers such as Jean Charles de Castelbajac and Jean-Marie Massaud, Robba Edition has evolved innovative methods of construction and manufactures truly unique and visually stunning mirrors.

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