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Miss Less Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Miss Less Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

Miss Less Chair is the latest work of Philippe Starck in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet for Italian manufacturer Kartell. It is a sculptured chair made of contemporary shiny plastic molding

Is it absolutely minimalistic or extremely impressive? Probably both, as Philippe Starck once again makes the difficult seem easy and the complex to appear simple. The talented French created a chair which is radically different from everything else and stands out quite effortlessly. Plain and minimalistic, the Miss Less Chair is indeed a modern sculpture.

The base consists of a single monolithic cube and the backrest is a slim, graceful straight line. A rigorous and bold chair which grew out of a sculpture is transformed into an industrially produced household item. It was presented as a prototype at the Salone del Mobile 2011 and according to Kartell it is expected to be available worldwide within the year. The Miss Less Chair is already considered a classic piece of modern industrial Design.

The seat has the strength and authority of a primitive form, a block of material made contemporary by the glossy plastic molded material of which it is made. The base is available in various solid colors while the back comes in various matte colors but also in transparent. The base block is made of thermoplastic, while the slim rectangular backrest, which is slightly angled for added comfort, is made of polycarbonate.

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