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Buster & Punch British Industrial Design Lighting Fixtures.

by Anna Karataglidou

Buster & Punch ‘s industrial design lighting fixtures are impressive in their simplicity. Featuring ordinary components and the absolutely necessary materials they manage to deliver unique aesthetics. The industrial design lighting fixtures define the “less is more” quote, reveal their mechanical parts and combine “dark” yetT cozy colors.

Buster & Punch is a group of creative designers and craftsmen with an extended portfolio of light fittings, furniture and interior decorations with unique rock aesthetics. Based in London, the aspiring designers have interesting projects with creations of such colors and materials that could certainly be inspired from the British punk scene. At least, this is exactly our first thought when we came across their work. Their design lighting fixtures, especially their pendant ceiling lights deserve special reference as an example of flawless realization of a simple idea.

Just like a typical rock band, Buster & Punch started in a small garage in East London. That was the place where they discovered their passion for making things they love, varying from light fittings to motorcycles and from furniture to leather jackets. Their projects are means to express their personality and “elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary”. Their aesthetics is inspiring, using dark but warm colors, metallic details and contemporary industrial design elements.

Buster & Punch’ s objects have been designed and fashioned by Massimo Buster Minale. Massimo founded award-winning design agency Minale + Mann (then Minale + Minale) in 2001 and went on to become one of the UK’s leading architects and interior designers before launching Buster + Punch in 2012. He has recently been voted “one of the world’s top design visionaries of his era.”

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