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VARA Interactive Led Lamps with app-control by Holy Trinity.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
VARA Interactive Led Lamps with app-control by Holy Trinity

VARA is an innovative led lighting system and the world’s first design lamps that offer comprehensive and complete app-control through your smartphone.

The VARA led lighting system is designed and build in Germany by HOLY TRINITY, a creative laboratory formed by Matthias Pinkert and Karsten Reichel. Matthias is the visionary, product innovator and designer while Karsten is the strategist, manager and business lead. They share the will to change the world by providing the best interaction between people and products, and they intend to start by revolutionizing led lamps.

VARA is a fundamentally radical approach on led lighting, it does not just look different compared to traditional led lamps, it is also used in a completely deferent way. There’s no switch needed, so you can control VARA from wherever you are in the home or office, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

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With its minimalist form and advanced functions VARA hits the sweetspot between function, design and innovation. It is most surely a revolutionary gadget that any tech-enthusiast would love to own, yet the striking simplicity of its form also makes it a timeless design object.

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The VARA system works with a new interaction technology that means you can control every single LED via your smartphone. You can create myriad different light situations with just a touch or a swipe on our bespoke app. You and your smartphone (iOS or Android) can create unique lighting effects, leave notifications, save and play preloaded lighting scenarios and monitor your energy consumption.

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Easy to use.


It is plug and play, so you can use it immediately out of the box. It’s designed to be modular, so you can build up components around your home and individual style, a super-slim LED strip and base module can be augmented to become a table lamp, floor lamp, pendant light, shelf light, integrated light etc. You can build up groups of lights to suit your needs.

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Energy efficient


This smart lighting system also saves up to 80 per cent of the energy of traditional lighting systems, so you can save on your consumption, and monitor via its custom-made app. The LED technology in VARA already saves you up to 60 per cent compared to traditional incandescent lighting. Coupled VARA’s patented smart control system that allows you to control every single LED, and you’re able make up to 80 per cent energy savings, helping your household costs and also our environment.

The thing we love most about the VARA concept is its modular form. An intelligent lighting system that we configured in every possible way, either as pendant lamp, wall lamp, desk lamp, or even a sound-reacting LED light-bar.

At present HOLY TRINITY is raising funds for VARA through kickstarter, make sure to check their campaign HERE it is well worth funding if you ask us!

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