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Crossover Wrist Watch by Denis Guidone for Projects Watches.

by Anna Karataglidou
Crossover watch Projects Watches

The Crossover wrist watch is a creation of Denis Guidone, a designer well-known for his minimal aesthetics. Indeed the Crossover wrist watch line is a series of simple and discrete watches that manage to catch the eye with their details. This specific wrist watch design features three clock hands that balance tangentially on the middle axis in order to create a unique graphic result. The beauty is in the details, as it seems!

Crossover wrist watch is a unisex watch with wide face available in three different versions according to the finishing color: brass, steel and black and the type and color of the strap. Playing with the clock hands placement seems to be the designer’s favorite theme, featuring in a number of his projects. One example is the Tempo Libero wrist watch which we introduced to our readers in a previous post a few years back. This time the Crossover is available by Projects Watches.

Based in Milan Denis Guidone has his own studio and as an architect he mainly designs interior spaces and industrial design objects. His collection of furniture and watches of all types, wrist, table and wall clocks is notable. His aesthetics can be described as minimal with a willingness to “express in his creations an idea of rigor beyond conventions”.

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