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Calder Inspired Artistic Lamps by Jean-Pascal Gauthier.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Calder Inspired Artistic Lamps by Jean-Pascal Gauthier

Montreal based designer Jean-Pascal Gauthier presents an exciting collection of artistic lamps with styling influenced by the work of famous sculptor Alexander Calder.

Gauthier is a self-taught designer who counts Alexander Calder and Pierre Guariche among the main influencers of his personal design style. The designer also credits the minimal nature of the Bauhaus era along with the avant-garde painters of the cubism movement as additional sources of inspiration for his work

Inspired by the delicate kinetic sculptures that Calder is famous for, Gauthier has assembled an impressive collection of pendant lamps that are intriguing and original.

His elegant geometric lights are made using an interesting mix of materials such as brass, steel, wood and marble, and one of his signature design statements is mixing plants and bulbs in a single hybrid work.  “I wanted to find new materials that would create balance” explains the self-taught designer. “A plant sounded like a good idea to provide an organic feel to the lamps and that would be a perfect juxtaposition to the materials used.”

These unique lamps adhere to Calder’s philosophy of blurring the line between art and design, supplemented with Gauthier’s creative thinking and ingenuity, and the result is indeed exciting. In his compositions, Gauthier is creating a balancing-act between noble natural materials, producing artistic object that are also functional. “I build sculptural objects that serve a purpose in a person’s life” he says.

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ALEJANDRO CUEVAS 19/08/2021 - 20:37

where can I buy Jean-Pascal Gauthier lamps

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where can I buy Jean-Pascal Gauthier lamps


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