Selab refers to the designer team of the Seletti brand.

Seletti is a brand with long history that goes back to 1964 when Romano Seletti established the firm in Cicognara, Mantova (Italy). Seletti is a family business currently run by the Stefano and Miria Seletti who are following their father’s footsteps.

The brand became one of the first companies to optimize its products, a few products repackaged 'ad hoc, giving new importance to the creativity of the packaging and to all its services that has made the company a strategic supplier of large distribution systems.

Their products evolve by using metal, glass and porcelain on an industrial scale.

Their products are well known for their fine porcelain and borosilicate tableware collection "Estetico Quotidiano" (the name of the collection is also a "statement" of the company's new philosophy) that has become a classic and has repositioned single use items into fine object pieces.

According to Stefano Seletti:

“My unconventional non-academic education naturally leads me to "crossover", a journey towards the idea of a "new beauty". For us, this is (r)evolution."

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