Home Art Wuppertal stairs by Horst Gläsker.

Wuppertal stairs by Horst Gläsker.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Wuppertal stairs by Horst Glasker

The colorful stairway shown above is located in Wuppertal, Germany and it is the work of the artist Horst Gläsker.

After painting all the 112 stairs with a different colour, Gläsker wrote on each stair a word which expresses a human emotional condition. Words such as: sorrow, joy, anxiety, hatred, expectation, hope, despair, aspiration, panic, love, passion, admiration, attraction, fear.

Gläsker’s creation has a diverse interest, as it combines colours and emotions in a three-dimensional palette. It is an exceptional example which shows how the right amount of colour can drastically improve the gloomy image of urban scenery.

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