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Tubular Furniture and Lighting by Tomás Alonso.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Tubular Furniture and Lighting by Tomás Alonso

Spanish designer Tomás Alonso creates unique tubular furniture and lighting that play with the idea of tubes as a defining stylistic element.

His creations include a collection of limited edition pieces of furniture and lighting build around colorful metal tubes. In combinations with wooden planks or boxes the tubes are shaped into minimalist furniture, chairs, tables or bookcases. While other tubes are transformed into industrial style lighting.

All the pieces of the collection are unique and feature bent and powder coated metal tubes as the basis around which the final structure is formed. The lighting pieces of the use the new LED T8 tube light bulbs. Aside from being radically more energy efficient and durable than standard fluorescent bulbs, these newly developed light tubes allow for more flexibility with the design by reducing the number of components needed to power them as well as by not needing a reflector shade.

The defining aesthetic component of the collection is the strong contrast of materials as well as the asymmetry and the oddness of the connections. An inspiring collection of distinctive pieces that display in the best way possible how simple tubes and become dominating decorative objects.

Tomás Alonso’s tubular furniture and lighting have been presented numerous times in solo exhibitions at selected galleries such as the Aram Gallery, Victor Hunt Design-art Dealer and NextLevel Galerie Paris.

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