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Code-X Yacht, a luxury Catamaran with hybrid drive.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Code-X Yacht

Swiss company Code-X recently presented one of the most original and extreme luxury yachts ever made. This catamaran yacht with a length of 14.5 m looks like a stealth fighter aircraft, whilst characterized by bold futuristic and minimalist avant garde design.

However the most impressive aspect is the cutting edge technology utilized in its creation. The hull is made of karbon-kevlar and all glass surfaces are composed of crystals which the manufacturer claims to be of “phototropic shading” as they have electronically controlled shading. Of course the shading is controlled through the vessel’s “touch control” navigation system.

Depending on the owner’s mood Code-X can either thrust forward at a blistering speed of 90 knots, drawing power from its twin 710 hp Ilmor Formula One engines, or it can leisurely cruise at 9 knots driven solely by its electric motors. However Code-X also has deeper ecological concerns, the catamaran is equipped with its own photovoltaic panels which provide electrical power to the air-conditioning, the hydro massage and the LED interior and exterior lighting. In addition, when its lithium-ion batteries which feed the electric motors dry up, they are re-charged through the solar panels.

But the best bit we saved for the end. Code-X does not need to be physically tied down by the means of a conventional anchor, as it can also use a virtual anchor! The “Virtual Anchor” technology receives data from embedded gyros and the GPS system and it utilizes the electric motors which provide thrust at the calculated angle, so that the vessel is able to retain a stationary horizontal position regardless of wind and sea currents.

Personally I don’t even want to know how much this dream-yacht costs, as I am sure it will be a “depressingly large” number with many zeros in the end. But for those of you who are genuinely interested, I suppose it wont be a problem to stop by Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, where Code-X is located, and have a chat with them face to face.

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