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Weird Beauty Face Paintings by Alexander Khokhlov.

by Anna Karataglidou
Weird Beauty Face Paintings by Alexander Khokhlov

Alexander Khokhlov is a Russian photographer with specialty to photographic portraits, that also creates stunning Face Paintings.

Focusing on the human face and its expression, Khokhlov presents a series of striking photographic portraits with a graphic feeling that seems flawless. The collection is called “Weird Beauty”, a perfect name for the inherit contradiction they aspire, as weird does not mean that something is not beautiful. “Weird Beauty” photographic portraits mix the intensity created by body painting with the facial expression and structure. Wrapped up by beautiful photography these unique Face Paintings are truly exceptional.

The forms are in black and white, the already impressive face paintings become even more theatrical as the photographer plays with the high contrast between light and shadow, creating these unorthodox photographic portraits. Fake, drawn, hand-made shadows on the skin contradict the natural shadowing of the human form, which is the main theme on almost all photographic black and white portraits. But not here!

Born in 1982, Alexander Khokhlov discovered photography in 2007. Soon he became interested in fashion and beauty photo as he liked to work and interact with people and catch their expressions on camera. His work has been featuring in some of the most known publications, globally, like Daily Mail, The telegraph (UK), Τhe Huffington Post (Canada) as well as to various publications of his field. He has exhibited his work only in Moscow, for now at least.

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