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Biomega LDN Bicycle by Ross Lovegrove.

by Anna Karataglidou
Biomega LDN bike

Biomega LDN is an impressive urban commuting bicycle designed distinguished industrial designer Ross Lovegrove for Danish bicycle manufacturer Biomega. It features shaft drive, single or 8 speed gearbox, and carbon fiber frame.

Biomega continues the tradition to pick the world’s most famous international designers to design their bicycles. Biomega LDN is the second design by Ross Lovegrove for Biomega, following the well-known Bamboo model. Biomega LDN stands for London and is according to the Danish company an “urban tool”. Lovegrove is famous for his curvy sculptural and clean organic forms and the Biomega LDN is no exception. Ross Lovegrove displays his organic essentialist sensibility through his fresh vision of an integrated bicycle. His integrated solutions and groundbreaking design makes the LDN bicycle a true urban tool.

On the technical side of things the Biomega LDN is an urban commuter, so we didn’t expect any cutting edge technology. Yet the Biomega LDN surprised us, as it features a number of noteworthy technical solutions. For a starter it is chainless, its shaft driven transmission if totally sealed and needs virtually no maintenance, an important practicality for an urban bicycle. Moreover, it is equipped with an 8 speed “closed” gear changing system, leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry maintenance-wise.

The impressive sculptural frame is made from carbon fiber sheets formed and layered to make a stiff and lightweight one-piece monocoque structure. The central hole is there to lighten the bike’s mass and to provide a detail from which to hang the bicycle on the wall. Biomega LDN’s form is appropriate to link all the necessary components of the drive, steering, and drive systems together, in the most direct and economical way.

The result is a striking city bicycle for effectively commuting in style, bringing the feel of something unique while moving through the cityscape, while providing eas of operation and upkeep.

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wullumpi 28/11/2016 - 18:31

I ride a Biomega Copenhagen and I’m very interested in this LDN bike. Has it ever been produced? So far I only found articles on design shows. It’s not in the Biomega on-line store. What would it cost? Can anyone tell anything?

Andreas Rekopoulos 02/12/2016 - 15:03

Sadly you wont be able to get this one, unless you can find a used one. This article is dates 2014, this is an old model that has been discontinued by the manufacturer more than a year ago.


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