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USBéton concrete USB stick by Kix Berlin.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
USBeton concrete USB stick by Kix Berlin

USBéton by Kix Berlin is a contemporary USB stick made of concrete. The rough material is a stark contrast to the delicate world of digital devices, thus creating a distinctive industrial aesthetic.

Concrete is one of the most serious materials out there. When you want something robust, manly and permanent, you use concrete. There’s a reason driveways and industrial buildings are made of concrete – it lasts a lifetime. Kix Berlin realizes the “rough” appeal and durability of concrete, so they fused it with modern technology to create this simple, clean USB stick. It’s just enough concrete to look good, without compromising the portability.

From the designer: “Usbéton is a contemporary fossil; it contains precious information from our time. Like an architectural building, a USB stick is about space and storage capacity.”

USBéton is designed and handmade in Berlin, it comes in two color choices (dark or light) and has 8GB storage capacity.

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Angela Trifona 18/05/2018 - 13:05

I would like to ask the price for USBéton concrete USB stick by Kix Berlin 16GB. I am interested for about 30 pieces. I leave in Greece and i want to know how to order. thanks


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