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Treeangle a table/vase fusion by Anna Strupinskaya.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Treeangle Table Vase Anna Strupinskaya

The Treeangle table by creative Russian designer Anna Strupinskaya triggers the imagination with an image of a curved tree, split up at the top. Clean white composite “bark” with organic curves topped by a sleek natural wooden surface. The perfect natural and man-made contradiction.

The leg of the table is smoothly transformed into a small white vase that crowns it at the top. The sleek composite pillar is created with nature-inspired, asymmetric forms and composes a dynamic bend. The Treeangle has a fluid from, it`s asymmetry and bionic structure gives the object a unique sense of movement and makes it look different depending on which angle you view it from.

The concept recalls the whole process of furniture manufacturing. For hundreds of years, tables were made of wood and now an artificial stone symbolizes it in a historical context. The tabletop made out of solid nut wood contrasts between man-made and natural materials. Between past and present.

The design of the Treeangle table was exclusively exhibited at the Moscow Design Week 2013, with the help of a successful collaboration with the curators of Rub Design Book Project Anastasia Krylova & Marya Tvardovskaya.

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