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Carbon Fiber Lighting fixtures by Karboxx.

by Anna Karataglidou

Karboxx creates unique lighting fixtures by utilizing modern materials, advanced technology and distinctive minimal design. The fusion of these factors impress and provide an original immediate identity to the designs of the Italian brand.

Among other unique designs they also produce a wide selection of stunning lighting fixtures made of carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber is one of the lightest materials available today, this quality of carbon together with its high rigidity and heat resistance make it an ideal material for lighting fixtures. Karboxx takes advantage of the unique qualities of the material, as well as its distinctive high-tech appearance and presents a collection that stands out from the crowd.

Designed by well-known designers, such as Enrico Franzolini, Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Brian Rasmussen, the Karboxx carbon fiber lighting fixtures collection includes a complete set of lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, wall lamps and other complementary lighting.

Our favorite designs are Tube, Slice and Drink, characterized by an extremely minimal design. Their architectural and simple design makes them the epicenter of a room. Their carbon fiber cylindrical body remains unpainted, unaltered, showing off its complex structure. On the other hand hints of color are used on the inner part of the tube, adding that extra colorful touch.

There also an option to choose fiberglass instead of carbon fiber for the main body. Fiberglass has similar qualities with carbon fiber but it is much cheaper (and that durable). When the whole body of the lamp has to be painted in a solid color this is an interesting alternative. In this case where the visual impact of the raw carbon fiber is not apparent, fiberglass becomes an ideal cost saving solution, while maintaining the same high-tech architectural style.

The whole collection based on LED technology, there is also a provision for using fluorescent light sources, but the concept it to use LED spots in order to enhance their high tech appearance and conserve energy.

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