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Tea & Coffee Set by Daniel Libeskind for Sawaya & Moroni.

by Anna Karataglidou

The tea & coffee set by Daniel Libeskind for Sawaya & Moroni features the distinctive dynamic and unique lines that the famous architect is know for, embedded in scale in an artistic serving accessory. It is the first home ware piece that the famous architect ever designed, produced in a limited number of ten pieces in 2009.

The tea & coffee set is handcrafted of sterling silver and includes teapot, coffeepot, milk jug, sugar pot, two dishes and one tray.

It is worth mentioning that skeptical characterized Libeskind designs similar forms that disconnect from the place and are scale independent. This means that his designs could be both a salt mill or a building, no matter their size. Of course, this last feature is nowadays claimed to be a positive feature of digital & parametric architecture.

Nevertheless we do not now whether Libeskind created the tea & coffee series as an answer to the critics, but he still imprinted a city grid on the tray, for his “miniature” teapot buildings to stand on. Yet even though this unique tea and coffee set truly is really a scaled silver models of his buildings, we consider that an advantage ans still love their dynamic and luxurious design.

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