Home Art Sunken Artwork Pieces by Ivan Puig.

Sunken Artwork Pieces by Ivan Puig.

by Anna Karataglidou

Mexican artist Ivan Puig has a unique personal artistic style. Using simple and everyday objects, he manages to captivate the viewer and provoke his curiosity and interest.

One of his key pieces of art is the featuring project entitled “Hasta Las Narices” showing a Volkswagen Beetle sinking in a milk pond. The result is incredibly realistic with remarkable attention to detail and floor processing to create a convincing shiny finish.

“Hasta Las Narices” is an example of art that makes viewers go beyond what they see, beyond the object itself, and imagine what there is beneath the floor surface. Ivan Puig’s artwork stand out for showing that reality is something fluid. At the same time, while being minimal his work manages to express surrealistic notions.

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