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Leather UGG Gloves for Women.

by Anna Karataglidou

Australian UGG is widely known for its characteristic UGG shoes. They are boots of soft lambskin that have become very popular.

Recently I discovered that besides its UGG boots, that I personally am not so fond of, UGG produces a very interesting and stylish leather gloves collection. The soft lambskin that UGG uses for their products is perfectly adequate for warm UGG gloves as it is very warm. Additionally the collection features Shearling processed UGG gloves. This process leaves the fur on the inside of the glove and the inner leather part exposed to form the exterior part of the glove.

The lining of most of the UGG gloves is made of cashmere wool. The UGG gloves are very high quality leather gloves available in a variety of designs from elegant and minimal “Driving Gloves” (on the right) to the casual and exuberant “Baily Gloves” (on the left).

Even their packaging adds up to the quality and well-designed branding of the product.

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