Seletti Pantone Box metal storage box.

Tidy your home or office in style with a colorful Pantone box by Italian brand Seletti. Inspired by the famous Pantone Color chart, the boxes are glazed with a pattern resembling the iconic Pantone Color Chip.

Their size is suitable for storing A4 documents, precious things or other small objects, as a bonus your belongings are color-coded by default, black for bills, red for toys! You can easily combine many Pantone Boxes together and create decorative patterns, or simply keep everything tidy in a fabulous metal Pantone Box.

Seletti Pantone Boxes , designed by Selab, are available in Ruby Red, Turquoise, Pastel Lavender, Macaw Green, Royal Purple, Mimosa, Cool Grey, Honeysuckle, Surf, Vitamin C, White or Black.

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