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Prism bed glasses for layback reading.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Prism Bed Glasses

Read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain or watch TV in horizontal comfort. Viewing from a 90 degree angle prism bed glasses will let you do just that.

Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite magazine, book or TV program while lying in bed. Despite their unusual look these glasses have a true practical value. The lenses on these lightweight glasses are prisms that change the normal line of sight without any distortion. You can be flat on your back and still enjoy reading your favorite book or magazine as though the image was straight ahead. They even work well over prescription glasses. The Prism bed glasses promise easy viewing with no neck strain, an ideal accessory for traveling or patients in bed.

Prism glasses have been around for quite sometime, mostly for people who have double vision wherein their eyes are both misaligned resulting to seeing two images at the same time. With prism lenses, it will help both eyes to focus on something at once, fooling the brain into bringing the eyes to a point in the center. However these Prism glasses serve a different propose. They are also made to somehow aid those who have difficulty to move around that much who maybe wants to read books or watch movies while lying down. Available from Amazon.

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